Thursday, 23 August 2012

Travel Jobs That Pay You To Travel The World


                        Travel jobs are  specifically seven jobs that are in a pay to Travel around the world anything any points video you get some good information and you want some more information a step by step guide on how to do all these take a visit to our site money for travelingdot com let's going to then travel job number one is curcial jobs and the advantage to this is that there's many positions available if you could think of on a cruise ship that needs word to being done needs to be done so if you work on his cruise ships no matter what your skill is there is a job there for you the negative side of it is that you're bound to the ship and whatever the ship where the ship goes where you have to go and you really have zero se over that over that might work for some people in my novels justly advantages and disadvantages generative is being a adventure guide or a travel  guide because this is this a ton of fun. I mean it's very as a blessing to be able to go out rock climbing or whitewater rafting or scuba diving in a day pump or just take some cool people around the city and a and get paid to do that that's a really great the negative side is that it does take a specific personality and so these jobs are not for everybody and especially outdoor adventure guides they take a specific attica skill so if you don't have a skill if you don't quite have the personality of the safety mind set on this might not be for you the next job we're going to cover them you travel writer and this is a huge dream from a lot of people debilitate one of the world and is right about the places that you visit and there's actually more and more of a market for travel writers coming up nowadays because of blogs being out online magazines needing content being filled and then all you'll regular print magazines also need content still there's more of a market for travelers they'd disadvantage here is that the pay is sort of inconsistent.

                   If you're a great article it gets published you've paid if you're in a writer slump you don't get paid so it's a little bit harder to get work that's consistent bloodhound does pay pretty well and she actually get was actually land a job .job number out for sure before then Travel job number four is being an online marketer starting on line marketing career and what you can do with this the advantage here is that it's all passive income so once you set up systems to pay you. you get paid over and over and over again whether or not work the down side while you're traveling is that it requires a computer so whether you're in an internet café more you take a laptop around with you do have to go do some work out on a computer every element unregistered maintain things and make things make sure everything is going ok that you setup travel job number five isn't working for charities or a conservation project and y bench here is that you do allot of good for the world it's charities and are very important people need help of the environment needs help so you can really feel good about yourself and you can one of the great life doing this kind of time kind of thing the disadvantage is that the pain can be kind of low nobody goes into a charity and says you go work with starving people so that i can become rich it's not something that happens charity and working for conservation status from without number five calendar number six is teaching English the advantage is that if you're listening to this video are you watching this video then you probably already know English so you have the skill required the disadvantage is it's really down to one point sk so wherever that job is that you're supposed to be teaching English you have to stay there and finally troubled run number seven is to keep your current job but arrange a telecommuting in other words you work from online and you work from the telephone from anywhere in the world and then you make calls and you do you work from your computer that you've been from upload the files are or send the work to your boss the advantage here is that the pay is going to be consistent and it's going to be the same with whatever office job that you may have the disadvantage is that you still have to actually do your work it's more task oriented and serve time oriented so you'll ranging in agreement with words hiring you're paying you the range of green with a agreement with them it says you know I’m going to pay you according to his task this is what you have to get done if you get that this is done then you'll be paid on cds to have to get that worked on and some travelers just plain don't want to do that those are seven jet travel jobs that you can get and they're all over the place so it's really very doable and if you want more information about it head on over to money for traveling dot com and we've got a free Gottfried guide waiting for you we'll show you how to make an online travel income so i can give us a visit give the triads policy a real soon.

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  1. yay cruise jobs is acceptable but it won’t make you wealthy, they won’t pay enough to pay back if you are having a student loan but they just might make your life feel fulfilling.